Gear Review: Summit by Yaktrax

When your feet are pining to hit the trails, this time of year can create a bit of dilemma. Warmer temperatures have brought a cure to “cabin fever” and melted lower-elevation trails, but the upper elevations and shaded areas of your favorite hiking trails might still be hibernating under layers of ice.

The perfect solution to complement your trusty hiking shoes has been created: Summit by YakTrax. These “Eye of the Tiger”- worthy bad boys will get you through even the sketchiest frozen terrain. With triangular spiked grips and an easy on-and-off patented closure system, the Summit grippers will make you the envy of those left in the dust … ahem, ice. -Alexis Deaton


Fuel Belt: Drinking on the Run

How To Start

An hour before your run, drink 16-24 ounces of water or other non-caffeinated, sugar-free fluid Stop drinking at that point or you’ll find yourself waiting in long lines for the Port-O-Potty, a surefire way to kill your time Drink another 4 to 8 ounces right before you start to make sure you’re hydrated before your run

Drinking on the run

During your runs, take in 4-6 ounces of water every 20 minutes • During longer workouts (90 minutes or more), drink a sports drink to replace lost sodium and other minerals (electrolytes)

If you don’t have access to water on your running routes, you’ll have to carry your own fluids with you. Here are some handy water bottles that you can use while you run:

The Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme is one of the most popular hand-helds. It’ll keep your fluids cold, no matter what the temperature is outside. The neoprene band that wraps around the bottle prevents you from warming up the liquid inside, while protecting your hands from getting ice cold. The bottle also features a zipper stash compartment that can hold keys, cash or gel.

The Fuel Belt holds four, dishwasher-safe 8 oz. bottles. A good idea is to fill three with water and one with a sports drink. A detachable race pocket holds sports gels, money, keys, or anything else that you might need for a long run or race. The Fuel Belt is comfortable and not too heavy. It’s a must-have for long distance runs.


Balega Socks: One of the 7 Most Innovative Hiking Socks in 2017

Camping socks are more of an art form than a piece of clothing. They need to be comfortable enough to endure hours at the campsite and tough enough to stand up to hours on the trail. Because when we camp, we’re active. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, hunting, or birdspotting, a good pair of socks — and the right pair of socks — will go a long way.

So, when we say we’re looking for innovative “camping sock” companies, we really mean: we’re looking for the best darn socks period.

Socks that hold up to wear and keep their comfort as we take them on the adventures we get into while camping.

Ultra-light, naturally cooling, blister-resisting, contoured socks.

Balega socks are everything a standard camping sock should be.

Their secret? They aren’t afraid to try out new technical fabrics. Having talked with a lot of clothing companies, you’d be surprised how many rely on the same fabrics for what are supposed to be different products.

Not so with Balega. Balega combines a number of different new fabrics into one innovative sock.


First Look: Yaktrax Summit ‘Traction Device’ For Ice

Traction on ice and snow via add-on products is not new. But this year Yaktrax bolsters the category of slip-on spikes with its Summit model.

Wear them with shoes or boots and you get 12 triangular, carbon-steel spikes sticking from each foot. They cut into ice, letting you run uninhibited on a hockey rink or frozen lake.

But flat ice is not the exclusive venue. The company made the Summits, $90, for their namesake destination — the top of mountain peaks.

Review: Yaktrax Summit

Unlike most Yaktrax models, which are designed for winter trails, the Summits can kick steps up steep snow. They have enough traction for glaciers and alpine ridges.

The spikes are 3/8th inch long, and the Summit has non-stick sole plates to shed snow underfoot.

Thin stainless-steel cable lacing and rubber yokes attach them to your shoes. A first this year, Yaktrax uses the twist-to-tighten Boa Technology closure to cinch them secure.

Off the foot, they are low-profile and light. They weigh about 10 ounces each and fold up small, fitting easily into a pocket once you hit pavement or trail.

Yaktrax Featured in Footwear News

Winter will be here before you know it, so now’s the time to think about how to navigate those snowy and icy city streets and country trails in comfort and safety.

Yaktrax offers a wide range of removable ice traction devices for shoes and boots. These affordably priced shoe accessories offer underfoot protection designed for a simple walk to the local Starbucks or heavy-duty hiking.

These easy-to-use devices attach to the soles of a range of shoes or boots; they’re priced from $20 top $50 and available in men’s and women’s sizes. Versions include the Yaktrax Run, a combination of removable spikes and steel coils that allows athletes to continue training during the harsh winter months. Yaktrax Ski allows for greater mobility when walking in ski boots on and off the mountain, while also providing enhanced traction on snow and ice thanks to its rocker bottom design.