Yampa Valley Outdoor picks up Form Insoles


Our agency has recently picked up Form Insoles. Form offers your customers proven performance and injury protection. We have a complete line of insoles and two unique insoles not available from any other insole company.  All Form insoles automatically mold to your foot or can be custom heat molded in 5 minutes.  The insoles carry a compelling $39.95 MSRP, across the line, with great margins for your stores.

 My partner in this line, Tim Nelson  (tnelsonassociates@gmail.com) has been working it in the Mid-West for a few months and has had great response.  He will be the contact for UT. His accounts feel the fit and performance of Form is something that would appeal to their customers and benefit their insole business.

 Next step is yours. Can I supply you or others on your team product to evaluate? I’ve attached a pdf that details the Form line. The sizing is at the end of the attachment.  One of the unique insoles I mentioned is not in this info as it’s official launch is still about 30 days away. The Reinforced is great for big guys who are on their feet working all day, who wear out insoles quickly . The Maximum is a thicker cushion for all round use. The Form Narrow model is favored by most of run specialty retailers.  It provides performance consistent with all Form products, with additional cushioning and the best fit compatibility for most running shoes. The Ultra-Thin is great for ski.  

 You are more than welcome to reach out to us anytime by email or phone with questions or to supply me with your product test needs.  I look forward to sending product for you to try.  Form is more than happy to provide a spiff program while you launch the product!